Beet Pulp Shreds with Molasses

Beet Pulp Shreds with Molasses

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Beet molasses is the syrupy by-product of the production process to extract sugar from sugar beets.  The residual liquid that is left over is an excellent source of energy for livestock.  It also offers a valuable feed resource to the cattle industry and a sugary substrate for the yeast and fermentation industry.

Molasses is sold in bulk, delivered in heated tanker trucks (approximately 25 short tons) or heated tanker railcars (approximately 90 short tons).


Beet Molasses is an excellent source of energy and a good source of protein and essential minerals for both dairy and beef cattle. In growing and finishing diets, it can be added to dry rations or blended with other ingredients to produce a balanced liquid feed. For beef cattle, it can also be top-dressed to improve palatability of poor hay or silage.  Molasses is also popular as an additive in salt licks and mineral supplements, assisting as both a sweetener and a binding ingredient. 

Molasses is a key ingredient in the production of yeast.  Molasses is added to other substrates, heated and processed to create dry and liquid yeast for sale at both the wholesale and retail levels.

Finally, in recent years, molasses has gained popularity as an alternative or a supplement to chloride salt for de-icing roads.  Not only does it cost less than rock salt, it is also less corrosive and more environmentally friendly.

Please consult your nutritionist for uses specific to your animals.


Beet Molasses must be stored in a well-insulated, heated tank; at temperatures above 110 degrees it can easily be pumped with a 2.5 to 3 HP pump and 3 inch tubing.


Variation may occur depending on source.

For below information in PDF form, please download here.




Dry Matter 78.70%
Moisture 21.30%
Protein, Crude 7.06% 8.93%
Fiber, Crude 0.00% 0.00%
ADF - Acid Detergent Fiber 0 0
NEL - Net Energy Lactation 0.90 Mcal/lb 0.71 Mcal/lb
NEG - Net Energy Gain 0.67 Mcal/lb 0.53 Mcal/lb
NEM - Net Energy Maintenance 1.00 Mcal/lb 0.79 Mcal/lb
TDN - Total Digestible Nutrients 86.08% 68.20%
Fat 0.32% 0.11%
Ash 9.62% 12.15%
NEF - Nitrogen Free Extract 78.77% 62.42%
Calcium 0.07% 0.05%
Phosphorus 0.03% 0.02%
Potassium 4.99% 3.96%
PH 8.64 s.u.
Reducing Sugars 2.65%
TSI - Total Sugars as Invert 51.40%
Brix 85.90

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